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Where Can I Shred Paper for Free?

If you are like most people you understand the importance of destroying sensitive paper documents before you dispose of them. Even so, according to the Federal

Crash Course: Records Retention Schedules

Businesses generate a lot of documents. A lot. From financial records, legal documents, contracts, emails, projects, proposals, and more there’s a ton of stuff to keep track of. And there’s a fine line between hoarding documents and maintaining the proper records to stay organized and responsible. No one wants to be asked where an important record is only to discover

Managing the Spike in COVID-19 Related Scams and Identity Theft

The huge shifts in society brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have left many people in vulnerable situations. And unfortunately, scammers and identity thieves are quick to take advantage of difficult times. Many new scams related to the pandemic have popped up in recent months, robbing people who are already under immense stress of their finances and identities. To prevent

What you should consider when hiring an information destruction firm

Destroying information that is no longer needed is nothing to take lightly. Your business, customers, and employees depend on security measures like document and data destruction to keep them safe and compliant. There is no question that using a professional shredding service is the most efficient and secure way to go about this, but what should you look for when

Dos and Don’ts of Secure Hard Drive Disposal

Destruction seems like a pretty simple process—render something unusable by breaking it. When it comes to hard drive destruction and data disposal, however, there can be a surprising amount of room for error. Just because you destroy old hard drives doesn’t mean their data can’t be retrieved and used against you. Data disposal goes beyond wiping files, smashing a hard

Windows 7 is defunct. Now what?

How to stay secure while transitioning away from old software. Earlier this year Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 for good. But what exactly does that mean? In a nutshell, Microsoft isn’t making any more updates or security patches for the operating system. This likely doesn’t mean your computer will stop working if you are running Windows 7, but it does

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