Records Management

Expertise in information security requires knowledge of both data destruction and document storage.

That’s why DataShield now offers records storage for your business. Simply pack up the documents you’d like us to store and we’ll securely transport the records in one of our secured GPS-equipped trucks back to our facility.

And, when you need to access your records, simply request the same day, next day, or emergency retrieval and delivery. Every option is secure from our location to your location. The choice is yours.

Why is Off-Site Document Storage Important?

Document and record storage may not seem like the most exciting work to do; however, it is one of the most important systems in a business that needs to be maintained and managed. Having a proper record storage system in place ensures your documents and electronic data are securely stored and protected at all times. Here are a few more reasons why choosing to store your documents offsite is important:

– More Space

Storing your documents on-site can take up an extensive amount of valuable space. You might think keeping them in filing cabinets is the best way to utilize space, but it’s not. Moving your documents off-site frees up so much precious space in your own premises. Whether this space helps to de-clutter your working environment or it’s to be utilized for other purposes, it’s room for more possibilities within your business.

– Security

Choosing to store your own documents makes your company vulnerable to important records being damaged, stolen, or getting lost. Record storing with DataShield ensures that your sensitive files are completely protected against natural and subsidiary disasters.

– Fast Access

Trying to locate particular documents can be a rather difficult task if stored in-house. Not to mention, searching through file cabinets for a single document can be extremely time-consuming. With DataShield, customers can request the same day, next day, or emergency retrieval to locate your documents and deliver them as quickly as possible.

There are a variety of record storage solutions and record management companies that specialize in securely storing physical and electronic records, important documents, media tapes, and offsite valuables that can be easily accessed if necessary.

So, Why Store With DataShield?

  • Many auditors require secure documents to be stored off-site.
  • Our facility provides fire and water protection, as well as 24-hour security.
  • You free up space in your office and eliminate the threat of exposed information.

Call us to set up your personalized records management plan today.


Paper takes up space and, if not securely shredded, can become a liability for your company. With multiple container options and convenient scheduling, DataShield takes the worry out of your information destruction and disposal needs.

Start protecting your documents and data now.