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Policies and Procedures and Why They Matter

Most organizations have some type of destruction process in place for confidential information. Whether you utilize an outside service or handle paper shredding as an internal function the importance of destroying sensitive materials is well known. Whether this is a paid for service by a 3rd party or the regular responsibility of an employee proper destruction has been prioritized and intact information is not simply discarded without a thought. 

But the next step is an extremely important one that is often forgotten. Documentation. If you haven’t written it down, then unfortunately it is not complete. Creating a written policy and procedure for handling end of life information is a part of having a documented and regulated process. 

By implementing written policies and procedures an organization is demonstrating that employees have been trained appropriately on what to do with confidential material. This should include specific guidelines on what items should be destroyed, how they should be destroyed, who is responsible for the disposal process, and how to properly document disposal activities. 

Written policies and procedures are there to show regulators and potentially lawyers that employees were indeed trained on proper disposal procedures and that data protection and disposal is taken seriously. This not only helps protect the organization from potential legal consequences, but also ensures that sensitive information is handled and disposed of in a secure and responsible manner. 

This is what we do at DataShield. It is our job to know the ins and outs of the current secure destruction environment. We also believe our clients are integral to this process. With a few discussions among the right stakeholders DataShield can ensure the organization is better protected, has what it needs to train its employees, and is compliant with data protection regulations.  

Contact DataShield today to ensure that your organization is complying and has the necessary policies and procedures in place for end-of-life information. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect your organization and its sensitive information by partnering with DataShield to create a secure destruction program that meets all your needs.  

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