Cell Phone Recycling

Recycled doesn’t always mean destroyed

The positive impact of cell phone recycling.

If you’re like many Americans, chances are you’ve had at least two or three cell phones by now, and probably several more than that! With the way cell phone contracts work these days, many people find themselves stuck with owning old phones and chargers they no longer use.

Unfortunately, a majority of those old, unused cell phones end up in our landfills. According to the EPA, in the year 2009, “US consumers and businesses discarded televisions, computers, cell phones and hard copy peripherals (including printers, scanners, faxes) totaling 2.37 million tons. Approximately 25 percent of these electronics were collected for recycling, with the remainder disposed of primarily in landfills, where the precious metals cannot be recovered.”

Instead of trashing your old cell phone, make the choice to recycle it instead! There are so many amazing benefits to cell phone recycling and DataShield makes it easy.

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Did You Know?

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Cell Phone Recycling Helps Us Conserve the Environment

Making the choice to recycle your cell phone keeps reusable materials out of our landfills. Cell phones and other electronics contain a variety of valuable metals, coppers, and plastics. When you recycle, you are helping to conserve these precious materials, which can then be recovered to make new devices. Most of the materials used to manufacture cell phones can be recovered and used to make new products.

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Cell Phone Recycling Can Prevent Health Problems

Think about all of the toxic materials a cell phone contains: arsenic, lead, copper, mercury, cadmium, and more. When a cell phone isn’t properly disposed of, it more than likely ends up in a landfill. From there, the cell phone and its toxic components are left to decay and leach into the earth. This causes environmental pollution, which can be hazardous for both humans and animals.

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Cell Phone Recycling Saves Energy

If Americans did their part and recycled all of the 130 million cell phones that are tossed aside annually in the United States, we could save enough energy to power more than 24,000 homes for a year. I’m sure that’s not something most people think about when they decide to throw out their old, unused electronics.

Recycle Your Cell Phone with DataShield

We know it can be challenging to decide what to do with our unused electronics, but it doesn’t have to be! DataShield makes it simple to be environmentally responsible and sustainable. Whether you have personal or company cell phones, chances are there’s confidential data stored on your old devices. We will ensure all of your data – the contacts, apps, passwords, notes and more – is completely wiped from your device. We’ll then recycle them so they’re put to good use.


We are AAA NAID Certified and are the first company in Omaha to have staff members with the Certified Secure Destruction Specialist accreditation from NAID.

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