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Poll Reveals 30 Percent Of Customers Fear Stolen Personal Information

Data breaches occur every day. You hear about them in your local community, national businesses and places you may frequent online. In a recent Gallup poll of 1,000 individuals only 21% indicated they have “a lot of trust” in the businesses that handle their personal information. Some 47% reported having “some trust.” The remainder of the group, roughly 30% said they have “little or no trust” in companies to keep their personal information secure.

This lack of confidence is not particularly new and unfortunately it’s not getting any better. Year over year it tends to increase slightly as the incidence of data hacking, dumpster diving and mishandled records make the news. In 2013 Target revealed that millions of people were affected by a massive data breach. This stolen personal information caused no end of concern among Target’s customers. Studies show that more than 20% of Target shoppers shop there less and some customers have decided to forgo their Target trips altogether by avoiding the retailer entirely. This outcome is not good for the business or the consumer. Risk is inherent in the world we live in. There may be no way to remove it entirely but we can protect ourselves by being vigilant with sensitive documents, passwords and the information we put on the web.

DataShield helps reduce the risk of your personal information being stolen. Paper shredding, hard drive, phone and tablet destruction are just some of the steps you can proactively take to keep confidential information confidential. For more information or to get pricing call 402-898-5000.

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Target, a popular retail store, has seen a drop in sales since their 2013 data breach. 22 percent of Target shoppers now shop at Target less.

*information obtained from Gallup and USA Today

2016 National Association of Information Destruction Conference

Last week four members of the DataShield Team attended NAID’s annual conference in Orlando, FL. As AAA NAID Certified providers it is our job to keep up to date on everything that involves information security so you don’t have to. After attending many sessions and talking to colleagues from around the country and the globeContinue Reading

What’s Your Personal Data Worth on the Dark Web?

Recent data breaches involving health insurance giant Anthem Inc. and Community Health Systems, one of the nation’s leading operators of of general acute care hospitals that operates in 29 states, has patients on high alert their personal information may be compromised. So just what is the cost for thieves to obtain your personal data including banking information, personal healthContinue Reading

5 Ways Companies Can Avoid a Data Breach in 2015

A recent data breach at a Park ’N Fly in Oregon has the U.S. Secret Service called in to investigate. This could have a broad impact on consumers flying into and out of the state for years to come. Data breaches like these are becoming all too common and costly. In fact, in 2014, theContinue Reading

Second Largest Health Insurer is Latest Victim to Cyber Attack

Forty million U.S. customers of Anthem Inc are on high alert of possible identity theft after the health insurer reported a massive cyber security breath. The company said the “very sophisticated attack” involved one of its IT systems and hackers stole former and current customers’ birthdays, social security numbers and contact and employment information includingContinue Reading

Why It’s Never A Good Idea To Sell Your Cell Phone

If you sell your old cell phone and it gets into the wrong hands, what would someone find? A list of log-in passwords nestled in a page on your notepad? An app for your bank with your user name and password automatically saved? Or maybe you have an attached email account with copies of payContinue Reading

Famous Data Security Breaches (and how they could’ve been avoided)

Most of us put our trust in the companies, both online and in person, that hold on to our secure information. Unfortunately computer hackers outmaneuver the security processes required by state and national laws and end up costing companies millions of dollars, but most importantly, confidential consumer information. The following famous data security breaches showContinue Reading

Top Data Security Mistakes Most Companies Make

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Data Breach Notification Laws: What does it all mean?

Data breaches occur; it is a fact of life that we must live with. We can however prepare and minimize damage by following state laws that require data breach notifications. Currently, 46 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands require an organization to notify others when a breach hasContinue Reading

The Threat is Real: 5 Recent Cases of Identity Theft

Any discussion of data and document security and paper shredding naturally involves talking about the dangers of identity theft. Unfortunately, it’s very common to think that “it will never happen to me,” but as we’ve shown in the past, identity theft is a real threat. In the interest of keeping up with the current threatsContinue Reading