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DataShield Helps the Citizens of Wayne with Unwanted Electronics

Saturday, September 24th marked the annual City of Wayne Green Team electronics recycling event with service provided by DataShield. For the fifth year in a row community members drove through and dropped off unwanted electronics. This event and others like it are aimed at keeping e-waste out of landfills through proper disposal. Using a firm like DataShield not only achieves the objective of safely removing chemicals and hazardous waste from the environment, but also keeps information safe by destroying hard drives, cell phones, tablets and other information containing devices.

Members of the Wayne State College men’s basketball team helped unload the electronics into DataShield trucks. The President of the Wayne Green Team, Sandy Brown was pleased with the results and noted that the first truck was filled in about an hour. “We’re seeing as usual a large quantity of T.V.’s computers, keyboards, mice, some radios,” Brown added. “Not as many I would say DVD’s and VCR’, those have been dropping down.” The event was a success with roughly 20,000 pounds of material diverted from the landfill.


2016 National Association of Information Destruction Conference

Last week four members of the DataShield Team attended NAID’s annual conference in Orlando, FL. As AAA NAID Certified providers it is our job to keep up to date on everything that involves information security so you don’t have to. After attending many sessions and talking to colleagues from around the country and the globeContinue Reading

DataShield Acquires Kearney’s Shred N Store

DataShield, Nebraska’s fastest growing information security company, and Shred N Store, announce plans to merge as DataShield acquires the Kearney-based shredding company. As of July, 1, 2015, DataShield is servicing all Shred N Store accounts. Owners Bill Olson and his son Jon, chose DataShield due to the fact it’s nationally certified, locally owned and hasContinue Reading

Reselling Hard Drives Can Lead To Identity Theft

The movie “Office Space” vividly illustrates the joy in destroying an electronic device. After dealing with a defective printer for too long, the employees take it outside and smash it to pieces. Yes, they were able to let out some built up rage, but they also avoided having the confidential information stored in that printerContinue Reading

IRS Hard Drive Scandal Highlights Government Weaknesses

Information security is all about accountability. Keeping track of secure data gives individuals, businesses, and the government a responsibility to protect. Recently the secure hard drive destruction process within the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was compromised. The tables turned on the IRS, an organization that closely watches the U.S. revenue system, when all eyes neededContinue Reading

Securely Destroy Hard Drives, Save Your Business

Identity theft has remained the fastest growing crime in America for years. Hard drives are a major electronic resource that can tear a business apart if they fall into the wrong hands. Without taking secure steps to destroy hard drives, company files, like social security numbers and financial records, are easily accessible. The financial burdenContinue Reading

Top Data Security Mistakes Most Companies Make

With most of a company’s information stored and used through technology, overexposure of private documents is becoming more common. State laws require businesses to secure their disposal of paper documents, digital files and inactive electronics. The following is a list of data security mistakes that can easily be avoided to better secure the confidentiality ofContinue Reading

Medical Identity Theft Affecting 1.84 Million U.S. Victims says Report

Consumer awareness lacking, as industry group is formed to address issue From by: John Gaspari Medical identity fraud has increased nearly 20 percent compared to the year before in the U.S., affecting an estimated 1.84 victims and having a total out-of-pocket medical costs incurred by medical identity theft victims to be $12.3 billion. ThoseContinue Reading

The Threat is Real: 5 Recent Cases of Identity Theft

Any discussion of data and document security and paper shredding naturally involves talking about the dangers of identity theft. Unfortunately, it’s very common to think that “it will never happen to me,” but as we’ve shown in the past, identity theft is a real threat. In the interest of keeping up with the current threatsContinue Reading

Mobile Paper Shredding or Plant Based Destruction? Which is Best for You?

Paper Shredding is essential if you run or own a company. All documents produced by a company from emails, financial statements, memos, and even notes contain classified information that must be withheld from competitors, the public, and even from your own personnel. When the time comes to discard this material, hopefully, your first choice isContinue Reading