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DataShield Helps the Citizens of Wayne with Unwanted Electronics

Saturday, September 24th marked the annual City of Wayne Green Team electronics recycling event with service provided by DataShield. For the fifth year in a row community members drove through and dropped off unwanted electronics. This event and others like it are aimed at keeping e-waste out of landfills through proper disposal. Using a firm like DataShield not only achieves the objective of safely removing chemicals and hazardous waste from the environment, but also keeps information safe by destroying hard drives, cell phones, tablets and other information containing devices.

Members of the Wayne State College men’s basketball team helped unload the electronics into DataShield trucks. The President of the Wayne Green Team, Sandy Brown was pleased with the results and noted that the first truck was filled in about an hour. “We’re seeing as usual a large quantity of T.V.’s computers, keyboards, mice, some radios,” Brown added. “Not as many I would say DVD’s and VCR’, those have been dropping down.” The event was a success with roughly 20,000 pounds of material diverted from the landfill.


Documents In Dumpster Prompt Actions To Avoid Medical Data Breaches

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Securely Destroy Hard Drives, Save Your Business

Identity theft has remained the fastest growing crime in America for years. Hard drives are a major electronic resource that can tear a business apart if they fall into the wrong hands. Without taking secure steps to destroy hard drives, company files, like social security numbers and financial records, are easily accessible. The financial burdenContinue Reading