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Why office shredders aren’t as safe as you think

We hate to break it to you, but your office shredder isn’t cutting it—as far as data security goes.

What was once a time-tested and go-to option for effective document destruction may not be as compliant as you think. While an in-office shredder has always been regarded as messy and time-consuming it was largely considered good enough.  But times have changed. Combine the regulatory environment and the level of scrutiny around businesses mishandling confidential information and the bar has been raised. If your business is still using employees or janitorial staff to destroy confidential information with an in-office shredder keep reading.

One thing is for sure; using a certified, professional shredding service to properly dispose of your sensitive document destruction will help you drastically reduce your liability and possibility of a breach. These three reasons for using a trusted, reputable data security provider illustrate why it’s time to ditch your in-office shredder.

With a data security provider, document destruction isn’t up to your employees.

As well-intentioned and responsible as your team may be, mistakes happen. Plus, trusting your employees to know the best practices for secure paper shredding isn’t necessarily a job duty you want to gamble with.

Entrusting employees with document shredding puts data security in a precarious position. Your employees are acutely aware of what information is valuable, combined with the fact that they don’t stay forever.  A disengaged employee with less-than-desirable intentions could equal disastrous results. The wrong information in the wrong hands—especially for someone who has nothing to lose or are on their way out—spells trouble with a capital T.

Additionally, unless you’ve hired them to shred paper, your employees’ time and effort are better spent elsewhere. The ROI on a loaded hourly wage employee is nowhere nearly as efficient as outsourcing this duty to a professional. Find a secure data destruction company with professional document shredding services, and let the experts take it from there. This not only protects your business and your employees and clients but it allows you to stay focused on your real objectives.

The law requires more than your humble in-office shredder can provide.

The standard in-office shredder leaves a lot to be desired. Basic shredders create long strips of your confidential documents which can be pieced back together by the right person or computer software. In the industry, it’s referred to as unsecured shredding. It doesn’t meet the mustard in terms of destruction and likely won’t be enough to protect you should you ever have an issue.

Professional shredding companies offer cross-cutting modes that ensure your sensitive documents can’t be reconstructed. 

Your business may face legal ramifications if you don’t properly dispose of your employees’ and customers’ private information. If you’ve heard about regulatory compliance, this is what it’s referring to.

Federal and state laws—like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and the Fair And Accurate Credit Transaction Act (known better as HIPAA and FACTA)—require destroying confidential and outdated information. To comply with these laws and others like them, choose the safest route and find a professional shredding service. The right provider will provide a Certificate of Destruction, validating and providing documentation that your business adheres to the appropriate method of compliance.

A professional shredder can take care of the job—just name the time and place.

Credentialed, capable data destruction companies who specialize in document shredding services, can bring their operation to you or vice versa.

If you choose on-site shredding, a mobile shredding truck will be brought to your business premises. This gives you the firsthand opportunity to verify exactly what you’ve hired them to do: completely eradicate sensitive information. Meanwhile, plant-based shredding also allows your business documents to be destroyed in a safe place. The document destruction company picks up the information, takes it to a secured facility to destroy it.

There are plenty of other reasons to take your office shredding to the next level.

Our team of data safety experts earned the AAA certification from the National Association for Information Destruction. Plus, thousands of local companies enjoy our best-practices, 100%-safe methods of destroying sensitive business data.

The next time you need secure, local shredding with tailored solutions, look no further than DataShield. Leave us with your information and we’ll reach out soon!


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