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What’s In Your Trash Can?

Most of us refer to what we put in the garbage can as trash. Identity thieves have a markedly different definition. These less-than-above-board individuals refer to the material in your garbage can as gleaming with possibility. What we throw away in the comfort of our own home or even in our place of business can be considered a day’s work to people looking for a quick way to make a buck. Think of what you’ve put in the circular file over the course of the last week or two.

Be Careful Throwing Important Documents Away

How often do you pitch credit card and bank statements, old receipts even medical bills? Have you ever dumped insurance claims or policy information you were done with? In your place of business, do you cast off sticky notes or note cards with customer names, numbers, and e-mails addresses on them? These types of documents are coveted by the bad guys because finding them could mean our cash in their pockets.

A Better Solution: Professional Shredding Services

We can’t keep everything forever, so what’s the right course of action when you find you no longer need this stuff? Find a NAID-certified partner to deliver document destruction to protect you and ensure your regulatory compliance. AAA NAID Certification ensures your shredding services provider employs a secure destruction process and has agreed to surprise audits to verify it is abiding by a third party’s standards. DataShield is equipped to be your professional document shredding service for all of your commercial and residential shredding needs. A certified document shredding company will keep identity thieves out of your trash and subsequently your pocketbook.

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