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What you should consider when hiring an information destruction firm

Destroying information that is no longer needed is nothing to take lightly. Your business, customers, and employees depend on security measures like document and data destruction to keep them safe and compliant. There is no question that using a professional shredding service is the most efficient and secure way to go about this, but what should you look for when making a selection?  Below are four criteria that are worth considering.


A shredding service worth their salt knows that one-size-fits-all security solutions don’t cut it. In order to best meet your needs, a shredder must be flexible enough to adapt to your organization.

A quality shredding service should offer your choice of on-site or plant-based shredding. On-site shredding happens at your location with a mobile shred truck. This allows you to observe the document destruction if you choose. It also ensures that nothing leaves your property intact.  For some individuals and even entire industries, this is essential.  The other option is plant-based shredding. This method means your documents are transported in GPS-tracked, locked trucks to a secure shredding facility where the shredding takes place. Plant-based shredding means the truck will be at your location for less time and still offers tremendous security.  On-site works for some organizations while plant-based is best for others, evaluate which you prefer based on your needs.


As stated earlier, your company’s security is extremely valuable and should be handled by experts. Data security experts have rich experience and special training to manage end of life information in accordance with the industry’s highest standards. Make sure you select a company that is certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID). Earning NAID certification is a rigorous process that verifies a data destruction company can check all the right boxes including background checks, secured trucks and facilities, and written procedures for all their services.  In addition, companies who have earned NAID AAA certification are subject to unannounced audits to validate their ongoing compliance.  This type of credibility and expertise is essential when it comes to confidential information.

Redundancy Plans

The best shredding services leave nothing to chance. If something prevents them from doing their job, it puts your information at risk. So, look for a shredding service with plenty of redundancies and contingency plans. They should tell you that they have backup vehicles and standby drivers in case a shredding truck breaks down or a technician calls in sick. Single owner-operators simply cannot provide the same peace of mind.  Ask about the number of routes and trucks that a destruction business runs.  This will provide you with the confidence you need.  Providing on-time, reliable service is essential to protecting your business and your customers.

Customer Service

You should never have to struggle to get in touch with your shredding service, change your service, or get a copy of your agreement. Be cognizant of whether or not they answer the phone and how often you have to leave a message.  Your company’s security can be time-sensitive, so making sure your security partner gets back to you in a timely fashion is also important. Look for a company that is prompt, courteous, and willing to meet your needs.

The company disposing of your most sensitive documents should also be instantly trustworthy. Ask if they have any hidden fees and see how competitive their prices are to quickly size up how they run their business and treat their clients.

At DataShield, we’re proud to offer flexible, transparent, expert shredding services tailored to your organization’s needs. Contact us to learn more about our plans and pricing.


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