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Top 4 Ways To Avoid Curbside Identity Theft

News station WOWT reported the arrest of an Omaha woman who was sentenced to court for stealing financial information from people’s mailboxes. Luckily she was caught before too much damage was done, but this curbside identity theft incident serves as a valuable wake-up call reminding residents the importance of Omaha paper shredding. The damage caused when confidential information is left in mailboxes, garbage cans, and recycling containers leads to not only major financial losses but also emotional repercussions that can take years to fully mend and recover from.

In February of 2012, Javelin Strategy & Research released a report indicating identity fraudsters stole more than $21 billion, the highest amount since 2009. 88 percent of the information collected by thieves was obtained through dumpster diving.

Top 4 tips to help you avoid curbside identity theft:

  1. If It Tears, It Shreds: Never put documents containing sensitive information on the curb. Shred everything, whether it’s a bank statement, bill, pre-approved credit card application, or it just has a name, email, or your address. Take it to a secure Omaha paper shredding company like DataShield.
  2. Bypass The Mailbox: If you have a check or any other document with personal information you need to mail out, go directly to the post office.
  3. Safeguard Electronic Devices: Taking electronics to a secure electronic disposal company is environmentally safe and the only secure way to protect your identity. Sony PlayStation, Xbox, iPads, and Kindles all have good memories with stored personal information.
  4. Avoid Recycling Schemes: Nonprofits, such as Goodwill, provide pick-up services for donation items. Though we don’t condone charitable giving, stick to non-information bearing items. If you are recycling an electronic device, make certain the hard drive shredding is verified by a third-party vendor. (E.g. The National Association for Information Destruction)

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As an information security disposal company, it’s our job to protect individuals and businesses from the kinds of practices that lead to identity theft and security breaches. As the only local certified paper shredding company in Omaha, DataShield’s services can get individuals and businesses on the right track to properly dispose of confidential information to avoid curbside identity theft and fraud.

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