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Top 2013 Data Breaches We Are Still Dealing With In 2014

The New Year started out rough in the data security world. Companies that uncovered data infringements continue to suffer long-term consequences that are taking months, likely years, to fix. Repercussions of the massive Target data breach from the end of 2013 continue to escalate. As one of the largest data breaches in retail history, it’s no surprise that our list begins here.

Companies with Major Data Breaches in 2013

  1. Target – Early this year, Target revealed that personal information, credit card data, and encrypted pin numbers from 70 million customers was revealed. This data breach occurred when attackers installed malicious software on point of sale (POS) devices in Target’s checkout lines. The damage from one of the largest 2013 data breaches continues to dominate the news with lawsuits, resignations, court hearings, and records of personal information that has been sold on the black market.
  2. Neiman Marcus – In the midst of chaos that occurred from the Target data breach, Neiman Marcus announced that more than 1.1 million credit and debit card numbers may have been compromised from mid-July to late October 2013. Customers’ trust over retailers began dwindling.
  3. California DMV – Last month, the California DMV confirmed that they were investigating a potential online data breach. It affects users who submitted credit card information online from August 2013 to January 2014. There is also fear that driver’s licenses, Social Security numbers, email and physical addresses could have been stolen as well. (Standing in line at the DMV doesn’t seem so bad anymore!)
  4. Adobe  In October 2013, the computer software company that specializes in programs like Photoshop and Acrobat experienced a break-in to their system. Originally Adobe claimed that only 3 million accounts may have been affected. A computer security company later discovered that approximately 152 million user accounts were affected by this massive breach. The Adobe cyber hackers were able to access data security from Facebook users with the same usernames and passwords as Adobe, causing another one of the largest 2013 data breaches to extend into 2014.
  5. University of Maryland In March of this year, the University of Maryland discovered a breach so in-depth that not just current students were affected. Anyone who has had a campus ID since 1998 was put at risk. Stolen information included Social Security numbers, dates of birth and University ID numbers.

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Check out this interactive map displaying the Worlds Greatest Data Breaches, by Information is Beautiful.

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