Shred Events

Shred events bring people to your business – and lend credibility to your brand. We do all the work. You get all the credit.

DataShield trucks

The businesses we serve tell us that their customers – and the good people of their communities – are looking for secure, reliable ways to purge and destroy confidential documents. We’re the leading provider of these services. Partner with DataShield. We’ll take care of the rest.

Pick a date and we’ll be there with the personnel and trucks to take care of the documents brought to your business to be securely destroyed.

Plus, we’ll provide all the branded marketing materials you need to tell your customers and the community about your event, including:

  • Emails
  • Post cards
  • Statement stuffers/messaging
  • Marquis messaging
  • Fliers
  • Counter talkers/tents
  • Website promo ads
  • Social media messaging

Call us to set up a Shred Event at your business today.

Looking to find a paper shredding event in you community

Shred Events allow members of the community to conveniently and safely destroy their sensitive documents and keep their confidential information safe. At shred events, a shred truckis stationed at the location so the community can bring in their documents for free, for a small fee, or for a donation. To find a free shredding event near you, look online and search for a Shred Day or a Shred Event or through local news listings in the paper. Better yet, you can contact us directly to inquire about any upcoming events DataShield is putting on for the community in the near future.

Unable to find a shredding event near you?

Sometimes it is hard to find a free community shredding event in your area when you need it. That is where Shred Vault comes in. The Shred Vault System is a convenient and secure way to ensure your personal and confidential documents are shredded properly. DataShield is proud to be the exclusive provider and service agent for Shred Vault in the Omaha Metro. For more information on Shred Vault and how it works, contact one of our secure information destruction specialists today.


Compromised data can ruin your company’s reputation and cost you millions. DataShield destroys your data for good – forever.

Start protecting your documents and data now.