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Second Largest Health Insurer is Latest Victim to Cyber Attack

Forty million U.S. customers of Anthem Inc are on high alert of possible identity theft after the health insurer reported a massive cyber security breath. The company said the “very sophisticated attack” involved one of its IT systems and hackers stole former and current customers’ birthdays, social security numbers and contact and employment information including income data.

Anthem Cyber Security Breach

Anthem is the second largest health insurer in the country and has immediately taken steps to close the security vulnerability and report the attack to the FBI. However, this latest cyber attack of the healthcare industry highlights the vulnerability all companies and businesses have that deal with personal health information. Security experts say cyber criminals are increasingly targeting the healthcare industry due to the fact many companies use outdated computer systems and don’t see the need to invest in updated security features and professionals to maintain them.

Anthem is now in the process of alerting customers who’s information was stolen due to the cyber-attack. They’ve also set up a website to provide information and plan to offer a credit-monitoring service.

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