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Repercussions for Electronics Recyclers that Mishandle Material

Whether you represent a business upgrading electronic equipment or simply looking for an outlet for that box of unwanted electronics in your basement, it’s important to do your electronic recycling homework. All e-waste services are not created equal.

5 Questions for Prospective Recyclers:

  1. What happens to the items after I bring them to you?
  2. Do you have a written landfill policy?
  3. Do you export material to developing countries?
  4. Do you comply with local and state e-waste regulations?
  5. Do your downstream vendors comply with the EPA?

Hire a Company You Can Trust

There are serious repercussions for electronic recyclers mishandling material which could ultimately mean trouble for you. Make sure to select a reputable electronic recycling company with staff able to address any questions you have about where your e-waste will ultimately end up.

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