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Ready or Not GDPR is on the Way

You can run but you can’t hide; GDPR is coming and it cannot be ignored.  Essentially if you have a website you are affected.  Tech Crunch describes the law as “data protection + teeth”.  The penalties are enforceable and steep.

Prepare for the GDPR

If you collect data on any citizen of the EU they are entitled to know a number of things:

  1. What is being retained
  2. For what purposes
  3. For how long

Additionally, EU citizens are entitled to:

  1. Access
  2. Export
  3. Change
  4. Delete

Mandatory changes companies will have to make to become GDPR compliant:

  • Update privacy policies to include what client information is stored and how it is used
  • Ensure opt in/sign up process gives explicit consent
  • Be ready to honor a client requests to export or delete information
  • Proper security in place to make sure what is collected is secure and the process to follow if any data is compromised

Let DataShield Help You Become GDPR Compliant

Trust DataShield to handle all your confidential destruction and physical information management needs.  To learn more about our services contact us at  To access more information regarding new privacy regulations the GDPR Alliance has created a concise overview which can be found by clicking here.

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