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Omaha Woman Arrested For Stealing Financial Documents

Omaha, NE, Dec. 4, 2013 – On Wednesday, Omaha woman Ashley Stewart was sentenced to court for stealing numerous financial documents from mailboxes. Steward was arrested in February for unrelated charges, and when police searched her home, they uncovered a binder of financial information stolen from over 100 individuals.

The documentations Steward abstracted contained personal financial information from individuals, businesses, medical providers, and churches. She even used the stolen identities to apply for credit cards.

One company that WOWT interviewed was Timberland Hardwood Floors Inc. located at 60th and N in Omaha. According to them, about $30,000 worth of checks were stolen from their mailbox. This incident caused the company to invest in a security plan costing them $6,000.

This incident is a community wake-up call reminding everyone the importance of information security. Protect your financial documents, and avoid exposure of bank account information, social security numbers, etc.

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Article source: WOWT

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