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The Negative Impacts of Improper Electronics Disposal?

Most of us are familiar with the latest gadget on the market; some of us may even carry it around in our back pocket or purse. Every few months a different company is releasing the latest and greatest electronic devices and there’s always demand to upgrade.

Properly Dispose of Your Old Device Before Upgrading

In the hustle and bustle of bringing in the new and tossing out the old, some of us don’t stop to think about where our old TV, cell phone, computer, or printer is headed. While this may not seem like a big deal, it’s important to remember improperly disposed of electronics seriously contribute to the degradation of our environment. In our quest to possess the newest cell phone or iPad we may be doing more than being on the cutting edge, we may just be expanding our individual carbon foot print as well.  Many electronic devices contain mercury, lead, cadmium, and antimony. When discarded improperly, these products end up in landfills where dangerous metals can end up in the soil and subsequently the water.

Another byproduct of improper device disposal could put your persona data at risk of being restored by an identity thief. Properly disposing of and destroying devices such as laptops, mobile phones, or printers can also protect your sensitive information.

The best way to properly dispose of e-waste is to find a certified business that will safely dispose of your end of life electronics responsibly and in a way that is friendly to the environment. You may also look into community based recycling events that allow people to safely dispose of outdated, unwanted electronics. For more information about collection events in Omaha, NE call DataShield at 402-898-5000.

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