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You Shred—Now What?

Businesses largely understand the importance of properly destroying sensitive information.  They are not only regulated and can face fines for not doing so, but they also recognize the danger of breaching private information and what it means for their reputation in the marketplace. This raises an interesting question: Is shredding your paper enough to keep your confidential information safe?

The Importance of Proper Disposal

Confidential document destruction is not only paper shredding, but a process that begins with collection and ends with the final disposition of the shredded material. All too often, shredding becomes the only focus. It is important to realize that, although shredding is one of the first steps, it is not the only step. Once the paper is shredded, it must make its way to an approved processor to be deemed completely unrecoverable.

Where shredded paper ends up may be as important as the shredding itself. Accredited shredding companies are required to document an unbroken chain of custody. In addition to the chain of custody the shredder is obligated to provide protection to the material as soon as they take possession of it through the process of shredding up to its final destination. Shredded paper is not allowed to be sold for ‘as-is’ reuse—think pet bedding or confetti. There must be proper documentation of the transfer of custody for the destroyed material to an approved 3rd party. This documentation verifies the material to be tracked, its origin and its final stop all in the name of security.

It is safe to say no one wants to wind up in the headlines because their shredded paper came raising down as parade confetti or was used to line hamster cages.

When Shredding Alone is Not Enough

The bottom line is proper document destruction is a process, not a singular activity. Contact DataShield to find out about our process and how it can keep you and your business safe.



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