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Ways your ITAD partner can protect you data

IT Asset Disposition is a small business essential, and the right partnership is the difference between security and vulnerability.

All of the information that makes your business unique, organized, and successful exists somewhere on your company’s computer system. From financial records to proprietary processes to customer contacts, your electronic files have sensitive data that can determine the future of your organization. Without the proper security measures, your company could experience a data breach damaging to your brand, customer base, revenue, or worse.

And just because you no longer need a certain computer doesn’t mean scammers can’t use its contents against you. Files you simply delete can still be accessed and leave holes in your business’s security. A recent study conducted by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) found that 40% of used electronic devices listed for resale contained personally identifiable information. To ensure your sensitive information is protected and your retired IT assets are disposed of safely, you need a reliable IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) partner.

ITAD is the disposal of obsolete or unwanted equipment in a safe and responsible manner. As the need to safeguard from data breaches increases, the value of ITAD grows and can be a security saving grace for many small businesses.

By partnering with an ITAD company certified in data destruction processes, you can be sure your business’s private data stays completely safe. Choose the best ITAD partner for you with these simple guidelines.

Ask about their certifications.

When a company offering ITAD services has a certified data disposal process, they have proof your computers and information will be safe with them. Sometimes, ITAD service providers claim to be reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy but don’t have certifications to back up their statements.

If an ITAD service offers to buy your disused technology without explaining how they will safely dispose of its data, you should question their capabilities. They may improperly clear your data, and you will be responsible for any potential consequences.

DataShield is AAA NAID certified which verifies our compliance with all data protection laws.

Determine their level of expertise.

Your ITAD provider should be the expert in IT equipment, data disposal laws, and regulations so you don’t have to be. They should always search for ROI potential in your retired technology and know-how to get you compensation for computers that can be refurbished.

If your tech cannot be restored and sold, your ITAD partner should offer Responsible Recycling (R2) compliant recycling services. And if recycling is not an option, you should feel comfortable with their equipment and data destruction processes. True ITAD experts will destroy your old equipment with a process following all environmental and security regulations.

Experienced, high-quality ITAD providers always seek the best ROI for your business while ensuring your old data is inaccessible by others.

Identify your security needs.

To get the most out of your ITAD services, you need to know exactly what your security expectations are. Take a full inventory of your company’s technology assets including servers, routers, storage, and more. Know how often you cycle through new assets to determine how often you’ll need ITAD assistance.

Then, decide what your company values and needs in an ITAD provider. You may want to maximize the value of your equipment, be environmentally friendly by reusing devices or make sure your data security goes above and beyond. Whatever your priorities are, there is an ITAD provider to help you.

To learn more about ITAD, cybersecurity, and security software contact DataShield.


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