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Look Inside DataShield: Hard Drive Shredding

If you are one of our customers, a potential customer, or follow our blog, it’s possible that you have spent some time wondering exactly what happens behind the scenes at DataShield. In our eyes, what we do is very interesting, so we thought we would take some time to show you what goes on behind closed — and very secure — doors at our facility.

Hard Drive Shredding

Here you can clearly see how our hard drive disposal leaves them completely destroyed. And we can bring our shredding machine to your office so you can see it happen before your own eyes.

Our entire hard drive shredding process involves five steps:

  • Receiving & Incoming Verification, where all hard drives received are documented
  • Transporting, where hard drives are loaded onto GPS-enabled trucks and securely transported
  • Plant Intake, where hard drives are taken to a secured space and again documented
  • Shredding, where hard drives are all shredded in less than 23 hours, and
  • Certification, where customers are issued an itemized Certificate of Destruction providing written confirmation that all hard drives have been destroyed completely

Our intense process completely guarantees that your hard drives have been completely destroyed and wiped of data before they are sent off for recycling.


Contacting DataShield

If you found any of the above information interesting and would like to learn more about DataShield’s unique shredding, data destruction and electronic recycling solutions for your business, contact us here today. We’d love to hear from you.

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