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An Expensive Oversight over Private Information

Running a successful and efficient business is something owners, shareholders and engaged employees alike aspire to do.  It goes without saying that the increasing demands on our time, a struggling economy and the desire to do more with less drive business decisions.  Determining what takes precedence and where precious resources get spent is incredibly important.  This brings me to the topic of proper destruction and disposal of company data.  Regardless of the form, paper or outdated equipment harboring information, the safe and secure termination of end of life company material is paramount.  Government agencies are holding businesses accountable and the ramifications are huge.

In the News

In recent news, the Department of Health and Human Services fined BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee $1.5 million for improperly handling individuals’ private health information. Compared to the estimated $17 million BCBS has reported to have spent resolving the incident the fine is relatively insignificant.  These additional millions have gone towards investigation, notification and additional protection required by BCBS.  While the spent money is of considerable note the damage done to the company’s reputation may be irreparable.  And that is something no amount of money can buy.  Using a credible, certified data destruction company like EDT is the minimum a company must do to protect itself.  Don’t leave your financial future or reputation to chance; make sure your company’s sensitive data is disposed of properly.

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