Why Everyone Should Consider Computer Recycling

As technology continues to improve at a rapid pace, the demand increases to get our hands on the latest and greatest release of a new laptop or desktop computer. If you keep up with the trends in technology, you are more likely to have older electronics that have become useless to you. Unfortunately, you can’t just throw your old desktop or laptop computer out with the trash. That’s why computer recycling is a viable option.

Advantages to Computer Recycling:

There are several advantages to computer or electronic recycling including health benefits, economic benefits and the creation of more jobs. Here are just a few specific reasons why everyone should consider computer recycling:

Keeping Our Landfills Safe

Today, electronic waste (e-waste) is the fastest growing category of trash in our society. Improper electronic disposal can result in them ending up in our landfills, causing severe environmental issues. Computers contain chemicals and materials that are harmful to the environment, so recycling your computer helps to decrease the number of electronics that end up in our landfills.

Protects Us Against Stolen Information

Leaving your old computer at the dumpster puts you at major risk for identity theft. In today’s world of technology, data thieves and cyber-terrorist are clever enough to steal your personal information even if you think your computer is broken or the files have been deleted. Considering a certified recycler to dispose of your electronics can protect your identity confidential information.

Recovery of Resources

Some of the parts from an old computer can be recovered to make a new one. This also means that new resources can be conserved, while the amount of time and energy used during the manufacturing process is decreased.

Pick DataShield for All Your Computer Recycling Needs

Most electronic recycling services only wipe your hard drives clean, which will not protect you from identity theft. When it comes to our computer recycling process, we physically shred the hard drives and storage components. We don’t wipe it and resell it like many others. With us, your data is irrevocable. And guess what…

You can stay and watch the demolition if you want! Once your data is destroyed, we take the scrap materials from the computer and either recycle or destroy them, depending on the parts and what universal waste regulations say to do.

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Paper takes up space and, if not securely shredded, can become a liability risk for your company. With multiple container options and convenient scheduling, DataShield takes the worry out of your information destruction and disposal needs.

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