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Electronic Recycling Events

There are many reasons why we should be recycling our old and broken electronics. With e-waste being the United States’ fastest growing waste stream and contributing to over 70% of the hazardous waste in our landfills, it is astonishing that electronics are still only recycled at a rate of approximately 12%.

The issue seems to be not that people do not want to recycle their old electronics; it is that it is one of the most difficult items to recycle. An internet search returns thousands of results for electronic recycling, but few are legitimate sites that offer locations or services that offer actual electronic recycling. Finding legitimate electronic recycling can be a difficult task. Even more difficult might be finding a recycler that offers convenient hours for drop-offs, or offers affordable pickup service.

DataShield has always operated under the philosophy that recycling should be easy. Why make it difficult for someone to do good?

In order to make it as easy as possible to recycle your old electronics, DataShield has been partnering with organizations, towns, and cities since our beginning to provide easy and convenient drop off locations for those interested in electronics recycling. Events are a great way to allow access to electronic recycling services to everyone. Listed below are a few examples of the events that DataShield offers with the cooperation of organizations and towns:

Corporate Sponsored Events:

DataShield routinely partners with local organizations to arrange electronic recycling events. These events are often times free to the sponsoring organization’s employees and always on or near an organizations place of business to make access extremely convenient and easy. These events are geared towards those busy professionals who may not have time to drop off electronics at our facility during business hours.

City Sponsored Events:

During the summer months, DataShield often partners with towns and cities to offer electronic recycling. These events generally occur on the weekends and are catered towards those towns that are outside of heavily populated areas that may not have easy access to electronic recyclers. These events are open to businesses and individuals alike.

Weekday Drop-Offs or Pick-ups

: DataShield always accepts customer drop-offs during normal business hours. We try to remain open and convenient to allow anyone wishing to recycle electronics easy access to the service. Have a big screen TV or just too much stuff to get in your car? No problem, we also offer pick-up service!

It is no secret that electronic recycling is important. It is important to treat the service as such and ensure access is easy and convenient. To learn how you can organize an electronic recycling event with DataShield or more about electronic recycling in general, please call anytime at 402-898-5000.

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