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Does Your Old Copy Machine Hold Company Secrets?

That old photocopier at the office might be something you wouldn’t think twice about upgrading. However, before you do, check to make sure the data stored is securely removed.

A report last year on CBS News illustrates the potential dangers on a seemingly harmless device, something we see nearly every day on everything from cell phones to computers and, of course, copiers. Most medium-sized businesses utilize a copier and many of them have a hard drive onboard storing digital copies of everything that passes through the machine.

Industries that Should Take Extra Data Destruction Precautions

For instance, a real estate company may have copiers used to copy closing documents on a home that include a buyer’s and seller’s names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and bank account information.

A doctor’s office might use their copiers for patient medical records, which include medical history, diagnosis, and treatment information in addition to employment, insurance benefits, and other personal information.

It is easy to see how the information stored on a copier that no one really thinks about can become a problem if it falls into the wrong hands.

Before you decommission your old machine, consider recycling with a reputable company offering certified Data Destruction services such as DataShield. Not only will you be responsibly recycling your old equipment, but you can also rest assured your sensitive information undergoes a data destruction process before being recommissioned or recycled.

Contact a DataShield Representative to learn about how we can help and schedule a personalized assessment for your company.

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