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Understanding Data Attacks and Prevention

Have you ever considered how data is most commonly breached? Taking the time to understand how you are at risk may significantly reduce and perhaps eliminate a data breach in your future.

Understanding Your Risks

  • The majority of information compromise comes from hacking followed by data either printed or electronic that is physically lost.
  • The Identity Theft Resource Center (IRTC) found that card skimming attacks were responsible for 26% of all data breaches that occur. Card skimming attacks are at an all-time high from recent years and the numbers are continuing to climb.
  • The next most common cause at 18% is a result of electronic storage devices, laptops, and paper being physically lost, stolen or improperly disposed of.  In ’11 the IRTC reports 22.9 million records as compromised due to this type of loss.
  • Of all known attacks, 62% involve exposed social security numbers and 27% involve debit and credit card information.
  • Perhaps surprisingly 16% of known breaches in 2011 involved paper.

We Are Certified to Help

So how should you protect your data and information? Employ a credible company like DataShield who has earned AAA NAID Certification to keep you and your information safe.

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