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Confidential Documents Discovered in Dumpster

From Fox 4 KC: RAYTOWN, Mo. — Some former applicants and tenants are frustrated after finding their social security numbers, bank statements and other personal information in a dumpster at the Eldorado Apartments on E. 67th Street in Raytown, Mo.

Confidential Documents Discovered

Tuesday morning Tiffany Jones said she was tossing out her trash when she found important papers that belonged to her and several of her neighbors in the complex’s only dumpster in the back of the building.

“I’m very mad that they would just throw our information out in the trash like this and not shred it or anything,” Jones said. “It’s like they don’t care about us.”

Jones said she found the documents lying on top of the trash as well as in a wooden drawer. Jones contacted some of the people listed on the documents. Robert Thompson was among them.

“Everything is on this application — where I live, my social security number, all of my phone numbers,” he said. “I’m extremely mad.”

Thompson applied for an apartment five months ago, and on Tuesday he discovered his information was carelessly discarded. He’s angry and concerned that such actions could lead to identity theft.

Tiffany Jones tried to show the documents to the property manager, and FOX 4′s Robert Townsend also tried to speak with her, but she locked herself in her office and refused to come out.

Late Friday afternoon Eldorado’s regional manager Rick Rivera said he didn’t want to be recorded and said he didn’t have a comment. FOX 4 also reached out to the complex’s owner in Atlanta, but we’ve yet to receive a call back.

“I feel safe here, so I don’t want to leave,” Jones said. “But if they keep doing this, my god, what else have they done? I just don’t trust this at all.”

Source: Fox 4 KC


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