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6 Important Reasons to Shred Confidential Information

You may be asking yourself if it’s really necessary to have a professional document shredding service.  Asking the question is a step in the right direction.  The following six steps outline some of the most important reasons your business can’t afford not to have a professional paper shredder.

Why You Need Professional Paper Shredding Services

1.)    It’s the law.

The short story is you must. Existing laws and regulations require the proper handling of information when you are done with it. This is best accomplished by hiring a reputable document shredding company relieving your liability and allowing you to focus on your business.

2.)    Your customers deserve to be protected.

Whether or not you recognize it, your customers are entrusting you each and every day with confidential information. Mishandling information could cost you both time and money. Every piece of information you collect as a part of doing business is protected by the Federal Trade Commission, so make sure you treat it as such.

3.)    Safeguard your reputation.

Protecting your public image is paramount to staying in business. With more and more emphasis and reporting on identity theft (and which businesses don’t take it seriously), you can’t afford to wind up on the wrong side of the issue.

4.)    Protect the people that work for you.

As an employer, you have an obligation to your employees.  During the hiring process, employees can disclose their Social Security number, address, and bank account information. All of this information, according to the law, must be handled properly. Retiring files to the garbage or recycle bin is not sufficient.

5.)    Golden rule corporate ethics.

The policies and procedures you expect of companies you do business with are the minimum standards you should live by. Taking the utmost care when it comes to internal and external communications illustrates your commitment to the customer and can earn or lose an account.

6.)    Cutting-edge trade information.

Handled correctly, trade information can serve you not only today but well into the future. Casual document disposal is difficult to defend if leaked to a competitor or disgruntled employee. Safeguarding company information allows courts to rule in your favor should it become necessary.


Contact our paper shredding experts today. You may not know how to dispose of confidential documents without a shredder, so let DataShield handle what needs shredding.

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