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4 Containers for Keeping Sensitive Documents Secure

When it comes to securing and shredding sensitive company documents, a strong written policy is absolutely essential. And while starting from the top and reinforcing the importance of securing documents that need shredding is important, your business can’t just stop there.

Making sure to ingrain the value and importance of shredding into company culture is just as important, and absolutely critical at a time when personal data is worth large sums of money. By making shredding and security a part of your office culture, you can go a long ways towards ensuring safety against data breaches and lost documents.

DataShield is here to help work the importance of shredding into the culture of your office. We offer a variety of secure containers, each serving different purposes, but all in place to make document security so common that it always stays top of mind for your employees.

4 Secure Container Options from DataShield:

  1. 32 Gallon Console
    The 32 gallon console features a 90 pound capacity, is 19″x17″x35″, and is available in custom colors. These containers blend well around the office and are useful as a general-purpose disposal container for secure documents in a more permanent location.
  2. 32 and 65 Gallon Wheeled Carts
    The 32 and 65 gallon wheeled carts we offer are roughly the size of normal, large waste bins you would see around the office. These containers are useful because they’re extremely mobile and can be used to gather documents easily from all around the office.
  3. 24″, 27″, and 30″ Desk-side Shredding Containers
    These desk-side shredding containers can serve as great replacements for the normal office recycling bin. Used in conjunction with our 32 gallon consoles or another bigger wheeled storage bin, these containers are a great way to remind employees about the importance of document security. Seeing containers like these all around the office is a surefire way to keep data and information security top of mind.
  4. 660 Liter Wheeled Purge Cart
    With a 580 pound capacity, this purge cart is our largest secure container offering. At 49″x30″x47″, this container is a prominent display in sensitive document security. For businesses (doctor’s offices, finance firms, etc.) who go through a lot of sensitive documents, these carts are a great option and a great reminder of security.

No matter which option you choose to keep your documents secure before they’re shredded, all of our containers are extremely secure and are certain to keep documents out of the wrong hands before they’re destroyed.

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