Paper Shredding

DataShield secure paper shreddingSecure paper shredding is a necessity for almost all businesses, large or small. Whether it’s billing information, patient records or a printout of an email, paper takes up precious space and can become a liability risk for your company.

When you are ready to dispose of those sensitive paper documents, DataShield can provide secure and reliable paper shredding services. We offer both Plant Based (off-site) and on-site Mobile Paper Shredding services to accommodate companies near and far with shredding projects big and small.  Both methods are fast, safe and secure. You can learn more about our Mobile Paper Shredding by clicking here.

Plant Based Paper Shredding

Unlike most shredding companies, your paper is NEVER dumped on an unsecured floor. Throughout the paper shredding process, your paper is ALWAYS secure.  From the moment your paper arrives, it is monitored with video surveillance in a secured area until it is shredded and baled. Protecting your information is our priority and our paper shredding process will give your company peace of mind.

Our Plant Based service plans include your choice of three container sizes, plus convenient document pickup, destruction and disposal- all on a customized schedule to suit your unique business needs. DataShield is a AAA Certified member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and our confidential paper shredding process  is fully compliant with NAID standards.

Datashield’s method of accepting, handling and physically destroying confidential documents can be outlined in 5 easy steps.

DataShield secure paper shredding

1. Receiving & Incoming Verification – Confidential documents ready for destruction are retrieved from the customer’s facility or received at DataShield. When the paper documents are received, DataShield employees record cart serial numbers by customer and location. The Client Services Ticket (CST) is signed by the customer and the DataShield employee. Customers receive a copy of the CST documenting receipt of the material.

2. Transporting – 65 gallon carts remain locked and 32 gallon consoles are emptied into a locked container at the customer’s facility. Locked containers are transported to a secure DataShield truck or taken directly to the Secure Destruction Area at DataShield. DataShield truck cabs and boxes are locked at all times. Drivers carry two-way communication devices and trucks are GPS equipped.

3. Plant Intake – The Secured Destruction Area at DataShield is a controlled access space used only for destroying media. The restricted area is alarmed and under closed-circuit internal video security at all times. Entrance is strictly controlled and the area is always locked. Management confirms the inbound material received with the CST to confirm receipt, proper quantity and any special instructions.

4. Confidential Paper Shredding – Locked document carts are staged in the Secured Destruction Area in the order they are received and contents are destroyed within 24 business hours. Viewing windows are available for witnessing destruction.

5. Certification – Customers are issued a Certificate of Destruction confirming that their paper documents have been physically destroyed in accordance with National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) standards.

DID YOU KNOW? DataShield is now providing certified secure paper shredding to the entire state of Nebraska. For businesses in Scottsbluff, Grand Island, Hastings, Kearney, Lexington, Omaha, Lincoln and North Platte we have regularly scheduled routes for our paper shredding service. Even if you live in a smaller town,  DataShield has got you covered, simply call one of our specialists at 402-898-5000 and schedule your service today. In Nebraska, the best choice for trustworthy and affordable paper shredding is DataShield.