Data Destruction

DataShield shredderCompromised data can damage your company’s reputation and cost thousands of dollars if you are found to be in violation of state or federal compliance regulations. Simply moving data and files to the trash does not securely delete the digital files stored on your electronic devices. When you decommission electronic equipment such as laptops, computers, printers, scanners, servers, phone systems, cellphones and tablets, we believe the only way to guarantee that your data is protected and irretrievable is to physically destroy the components that store the information.

DataShield services the entire MidwestDataShield provides physical data destruction both in our controlled access Secured Destruction Area and with our On-site Mobile destruction service. DataShield has the area’s only truly mobile shredder that can be brought directly in your company’s IT room. We service the ENTIRE Midwest with our On-site Mobile destruction service and our service area includes Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota and South Dakota.

DataShield Shredded Hard Drive ScrapBoth of the destruction methods utilized by DataShield have earned AAA NAID Certification. Our mobile destruction unit allows us to bring the Certified destruction process to you and shortens the chain of custody for maximum security. All items processed in the Secure Destruction Area at DataShield receive a Certificate of Destruction detailing that the items and data have been destroyed for your permanent records.

Download our printable DataShield Hard Drive Shredding brochure.

DataShield’s method of accepting, handling and physically destroying data can be outlined in 5 easy steps:

1. Receiving & Incoming Verification – Hard drives are counted and serial numbers are recorded at customer’s facility or at DataShield. Hard drives and/or computers and other devices are labeled indicating client account number, date of receipt, and DataShield employee initials. The Inbound Proccessing Sheet (IPS) is signed by the customer and DataShield employee. Customers receive a copy of the IPS documenting receipt.

2. Transporting – Hard drives are marked and placed in locked cages/carts. They are moved to a secure DataShield truck for transport or taken directly to the Secure Destruction Area at DataShield. DataShield truck cabs and boxes are locked at all times. Drivers carry two-way communication devices and trucks are GPS equipped.

3. Plant Intake – The Secured Destruction Area at DataShield is a controlled access space used only for destroying media. The restricted area is alarmed and under closed-circuit internal video security at all times. Entrance is strictly controlled and the area is always locked. Once hard drives are removed from computers/servers the drives are scanned into the hard drive destruction template and identifying markers are removed. Management confirms the material received with the IPS to confirm the quantity and instructions.

4. Hard Drive Shredding – Hard drives are staged in the order they are received and destroyed in less than 24 business hours. Media is destroyed using the Amerishred Corp. HDS-150, a dedicated shredder intended for complete destruction of hard drives and other electronic media.

5. Certification – Customers are issued a Certificate of Destruction (itemized by serial number and drive description) confirming that the hard drive(s) have been physically destroyed and brought to end-of-life in an environmentally safe manner and in accordance with the State of Nebraska Universal Waste Regulations. DataShield assumes liability and holds the customer harmless from all environmental issues.