Product, Uniform, and Merchandise Destruction

Comprehensive solutions for your unwanted products

If an item contains your company name or logo then your brand reputation is on the line. Let DataShield protect your business by providing a comprehensive destruction solution for the branded items you are ready to destroy.

Product destruction is important. From old uniforms and prototypes, to counterfeit and damaged merchandise, DataShield’s product destruction solutions will keep your unauthorized items out of the hands of the public.

We destroy:

–         Company uniforms

–         Police and security uniforms

–         Military apparel

–         Clothing, purses, wallets, accessories

–         Casino chips and playing cards

–         Credit cards

–         License plates

–         Pill bottles

–         IDs, badges and licenses

–         Prototypes

–         Defective products

–         Unauthorized and counterfeit products

–         Obsolete and outdated products

–         Branded products

Shredding Process

Your material is picked up by one of our locked, GPS-equipped trucks. It is then taken to our NAID AAA certified plant based facility, where it awaits destruction services. Once the shredding services have been completed you will then receive a certificate of destruction for your records.

Protecting the Environment

DataShield is committed to recycling unrecognizable material at the conclusion of destruction. Destroyed items are separated and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner when possible. DataShield is committed to keeping material that has second life potential out of landfills.

Protecting your Brand

DataShield’s product destruction solutions ensures your items do not end up in the hands of competitors or unauthorized users to possibly damage your brand. This not only protects your organization but reduces your liability.

Maintain your brand’s identity and protect your profitability by calling DataShield to learn more about our proven product destruction.



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