DataShield’s Secure Shredding in Scottsbluff

Save your company time and money with our secure shredding services – don’t compromise your data by leaving sensitive information where anyone could steal it. Contribute to a healthier environment and preserve confidentiality by using DataShield’s document shredding services. Learn more on our Shredding Service page.

Electronics Recycling in Scottsbluff

Recycling your old electronics is an important responsibility as many toxic chemicals are used to manufacture the interiors of a lot of our modern devices – like lead, mercury, or cadmium. Unfortunately some electronic recycling collectors ship e-waste overseas in legally questionable ways and end up contributing to terrible working conditions for vulnerable people across the globe, not to mention they’re polluting the environment with dangerous chemicals. DataShield doesn’t work that way – our electronics recycling is done here in the United States with the highest standards of safety. Don’t trust just anyone, let us take your e-waste. Learn all about the importance of e-waste recycling here.

Data Destruction Services

Don’t let your personal data end up in the wrong hands. We completely destroy your confidential data, ensuring it is gone forever and unrecoverable. DataShield promises to stay one step ahead of cyber thieves so we know what it takes to thoroughly destroy your data. Learn more about data destruction and our guarantees here!

Records Management

Managing all of your business records can be a major hassle, so consider off-site document storage with DataShield. Proper record storage keeps your documents secure and protected and gives you more space in your workplace. Letting us store your documents doesn’t mean you lose access to them, just let us know when you need access and you can get same day, next day, or emergency retrieval and delivery. Find out more on our Records Management page.

Help With Compliance

There are a variety of laws requiring businesses to follow seemingly endless processes to properly dispose of sensitive information and it is easy to lose track. But DataShield understands and complies with all privacy rules and can make sure your business does, too. Learn more about how we can assure compliance and certification by clicking here.

DataShield is Your Data Security Partner in Scottsbluff

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