Electronics Recycling

DataShield’s pledge to keeping your data safe naturally extends to Electronics Recycling because the information that is still on your old computers, phones, copiers and other equipment should never fall into the wrong hands.  
We do not resell any storage components (HDDs) that contain data or information
(see Data Destruction for more information). While there is money to be made in reselling used hard drives and storage components, the simple fact remains that your security is top priority with us.

That’s why DataShield physically shreds hard drive and storage components then recycles the scrap, GUARANTEEING that your data is safe and irretrievable.

DataShield electronics disposalOnce information storage components are removed and securely destroyed, what becomes of the rest of your computer, multifunction machines, monitors and cell phones? Electronics Recycling is the right answer for you and the environment.

At DataShield, we are committed to doing our part to preserve the environment by ensuring that every piece of your old equipment is properly recycled. Electronic scrap contains hazardous and non-biodegradable material such as lead, lead solder, plastic, copper, chromium, beryllium, cadmium, barium, nickel, zinc and older models may contain mercury. We properly dispose of these hazardous materials and recycle the rest according to the strict guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency.


ENCOR logo

We are partnered locally witn ENCOR. (See our Community Involvement page for more information on ENCOR) Our current pilot program utilizing ENCOR involves the demanufacturing of printers after they have gone through a screening process where the hard drives are removed. In addition to our effort to preserve the environment, our electronics recycling program is helping the community.

This pilot program allows us to contribute funding and assist with the development of additional employment opportunities through electronic recycling. DataShield partnered with ENCOR last year and is delighted to be helping their cause.