Compliance Consulting

Is your company compliant? It’s the law.   HIPAA  GLBA  FISMA   FACTA

Data breaches are in the news nearly everyday. Most companies don’t realize they are responsible for the information that passes through their offices on a daily basis. If that information is compromised, your company could easily face over $100,000 in fines and that’s just the beginning. State and national laws require businesses to utilize very specific and secure processes in order to properly dispose of paper documents, digital files and decommissioned equipment. Most companies simply aren’t equipped to handle these processes on their own. That’s where DataShield can help. We offer Compliance Consulting services that cover everything from a complete assessment of your current practices and procedures, to helping you create and implement a plan and train your employees.

CSDS Certified for your peace of mind.

DataShield is Omaha’s first company to receive Certified Secure Destruction Specialist accreditation from the National Association for Information Destruction. Learn more >>

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Does your office have a policy in place that addresses how to handle and dispose of sensitive information? Do you have a response plan in the event of a data breach?

DataShield shaking handsProtecting your company’s data is our business. DataShield’s Compliance Assessment service gives your company the tools you need to create an internal compliance program BEFORE there is a problem.

1. We analyze current practices and procedures and identify areas of risk.
2. We offer guidelines for creating a compliant workplace.
2. We assist in crafting a Company Compliance Plan which includes program implementation strategy, employee education and training.
3. We provide regularly scheduled audits to track compliance and illustrate how the implemented plan meets state and federal compliance requirements.
4. We monitor changes in laws and legislation on all levels and notify clients if and when adjustments are needed.

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