Information Security Services

DataShield confidential documentsCompanies are liable for the information they collect.  With data breaches on the rise, it is more important than ever for companies to make sure their processes are secure and compliant with the law to avoid risk of being fined. Using a professional and certified firm to dispose of your confidential paper documents, electronic data and recycling electronic equipment is the best way to ensure your company remains compliant with state and national laws and legislation.

HIPAA Compliant DataShieldFISMA Compliant DataShieldFACTA Compliant DataShieldGLBA Compliant DataShield

DataShield makes sure your company is compliant in everything from confidential paper shredding to secure data destruction and responsible electronics recycling and disposal. We give companies peace of mind by providing key security management services under one roof. Our document shredding, data destruction and electronics disposal processes are fully compliant with the latest EPA and NAID standards.

AAA NAID CertifiedMany companies don’t realize that the fines for non-compliance with privacy laws can be exorbitant. Every company that collects data of any kind puts their company at risk. Our goal is to reduce that risk and help companies focus on what they do best. In addition to our document and data destruction services,  DataShield offers Compliance Consulting services to businesses to determine their level of risk and identify processes to achieve compliance in their workplace.