“I just wanted to compliment DataShield on their employee, Corey, who has been helping us each week. He is consistently on time, friendly, happy, and has a smile on his face. People like this can be difficult to find so please let him know we appreciate his attitude and please ask DataShield to keep him around.”

– Julia K. Palzer – Office Manager

Kellogg Palzer




“The guys who service our account are just AWESOME! They have the greatest attitudes. They are helpful and considerate, plus they always have a smile on their face!” 

– Carol Bush – Office Services Coordinator/Licensing

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“Here at Marks, Clare, Richards we found ourselves in the need of more room due to growth in our organization. We enlisted DataShield to consult with us on the best way to manage a review, retention and, in some matters, [the] destruction of our clients’ confidential and private files. They developed a schedule and plan for us that was realistic and manageable for our staff to work efficiently on both their daily responsibilities and this project.  As a partner with the firm I have the peace of mind knowing that all of these confidential records were securely destroyed.  You can trust DataShield with your confidential information whether the project is large or small, paper or hard drives, they handle it all with a professional and knowledgeable staff.”

– Dirk V. Block – Partner


The security of your private and confidential information is very important to us. In fact, it’s at the core of what we do. DataShield has all necessary controls in place, so we can be confident that our private information is being properly disposed of.  From pulverizing paper to shredding hard drives (and other media) they meet all of our information destruction needs. DataShield helped us to implement a comprehensive information disposal policy that provides us with the confidence we need, to know that we are securing our clients’ information.

– Bailie Shada – CAO Information Security Officer