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Poll Reveals 30 Percent Of Customers Fear Stolen Personal Information

Data breaches occur every day. You hear about them in your local community, national businesses and places you may frequent online. In a recent Gallup poll of 1,000 individuals only 21% indicated they have “a lot of trust” in the businesses that handle their personal information. Some 47% reported having “some trust.” The remainder of the group, roughly 30% said they have “little or no trust” in companies to keep their personal information secure.

This lack of confidence is not particularly new and unfortunately it’s not getting any better. Year over year it tends to increase slightly as the incidence of data hacking, dumpster diving and mishandled records make the news. In 2013 Target revealed that millions of people were affected by a massive data breach. This stolen personal information caused no end of concern among Target’s customers. Studies show that more than 20% of Target shoppers shop there less and some customers have decided to forgo their Target trips altogether by avoiding the retailer entirely. This outcome is not good for the business or the consumer. Risk is inherent in the world we live in. There may be no way to remove it entirely but we can protect ourselves by being vigilant with sensitive documents, passwords and the information we put on the web.

DataShield helps reduce the risk of your personal information being stolen. Paper shredding, hard drive, phone and tablet destruction are just some of the steps you can proactively take to keep confidential information confidential. For more information or to get pricing call 402-898-5000.

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Target, a popular retail store, has seen a drop in sales since their 2013 data breach. 22 percent of Target shoppers now shop at Target less.

*information obtained from Gallup and USA Today

2016 National Association of Information Destruction Conference

Last week four members of the DataShield Team attended NAID’s annual conference in Orlando, FL. As AAA NAID Certified providers it is our job to keep up to date on everything that involves information security so you don’t have to. After attending many sessions and talking to colleagues from around the country and the globeContinue Reading

DataShield Acquires Kearney’s Shred N Store

DataShield, Nebraska’s fastest growing information security company, and Shred N Store, announce plans to merge as DataShield acquires the Kearney-based shredding company. As of July, 1, 2015, DataShield is servicing all Shred N Store accounts. Owners Bill Olson and his son Jon, chose DataShield due to the fact it’s nationally certified, locally owned and hasContinue Reading

Vet Shredding Service: Six Questions to Ask

An increasing number of sophisticated cyberattacks in the past year has corporations and Internet security experts on high alert. But information security goes beyond phishing schemes, malware or hackers stealing valuable information from the wired world. Less refined data breaches play out in the work place every day with equally devastating results. Stolen laptops with accessContinue Reading

5 Common Tax Scams That Lead To Identity Theft

It’s tax season, and for many people, that means a nice, big refund check. For others, it means getting scammed. In 2013, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) initiated 1,492 identity theft related criminal investigations, an increase of 66 percent from 2012. Tax identity theft occurs when identity thieves use a legitimate taxpayer’s identity to fraudulentlyContinue Reading

Mobile Paper Shredding or Plant Based Destruction? Which is Best for You?

Paper Shredding is essential if you run or own a company. All documents produced by a company from emails, financial statements, memos, and even notes contain classified information that must be withheld from competitors, the public, and even from your own personnel. When the time comes to discard this material, hopefully, your first choice isContinue Reading

Is Document Destruction More Than Just Paper Shredding?

Last year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade made headlines for using confidential police documents as confetti. The shredded documents were found on the street and contained identifiable information about Nassau County police officers. Initially, the concern was that a 3rd party paper shredding company had sold the paper shred to be used as confetti. It wasContinue Reading

SAC Federal Credit Union to Host Shred Day in Blair

From WOWT Omaha A metro bank is working to make a rip in identity theft by hosting a shred day in Blair, Nebraska on Saturday, August 17th. SAC Federal Credit Union is asking people to bring their items with sensitive information to be shredded at the No Frills branch in Blair, anytime between 9Continue Reading

It is all About Your Written Policies and Procedures

“… It’s really not about patient data security,” Larry Ponemon, founder of the Ponemon Institute, told InformationWeek Healthcare. “Things aren’t getting better – they’re getting worse.” Since the beginning of 2010, Ponemon Institute has seen an increase of over 36% in data security threats to healthcare organizations. “Almost every hospital [surveyed] suffered one data breach,Continue Reading

Convenience Drives Compliance

The Path of Least Resistance The ‘path of least resistance,’ it is a simple concept; things will choose the easiest path possible. Electricity, we all know this one, will always choose the path of least resistance hence, lightning, short circuits, complete circuits. Exciting stuff, yeah? Well, this concept is applicable to document destruction and complianceContinue Reading