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Get the URGE to PURGE

The top three reasons to purge:

  1. Save Time and Money
    According to Business Insider, the average cost of a single data breach is over $7 million. This includes the cost to resolve the attack, regulatory fines, legal costs, notification costs… You get the picture. You can’t afford that. Here’s what you can afford… Purge once or twice a year with DataShield and simply pay per purge. We promise it costs way less than $7 million.

    Purging saves you time, too. Your employees are busy and you didn’t hire them to wait in line for the shredder. Instead, collect documents in one of DataShield’s locked bins. We’ll pick it up and either shred it on-site or at our secure destruction center. It’s that simple.

  2. Secure your Office from Data Breaches
    Business Insider reports that over 75% of people would move away from a company with a high record of data breaches. How can you avoid being one of those companies? Don’t leave confidential information around the office and stop trying to recycle it on your own. Instead, purge with a company that understands and follows regulations.

    DataShield is exclusively AAA certified with the National Association for Information Destruction and is 100% compliant with HIPAA, FISMA, FACTA and GLBA. This means that we will properly and securely destroy your documents and data so that you never have to worry about breaches. Stop putting your company at risk and start purging your piled-up documents and data. It’s worth it.

  3. Enjoy More Space
    If you’ve ever updated the technology in your office, then you know how annoying and time-consuming it can be to remove old electronics. The mountain of hard drives seems higher every day and you just don’t have time to get rid of them. When you schedule a purge, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

    Keeping a clean and organized office is essential for efficiency and security. Leaving old electronics out in the open is dangerous for your company’s secure information and… it just looks messy. Finish the project you’ve been dreading in just one day with DataShield.

Piles of paper


Shredded paper


See the difference? It’s time to make it.

So… Now what?

DataShield’s document and data destruction services are the perfect solution. Schedule a purge on a day that works best for you and we’ll come right to your office! Enjoy the savings, security and space when you use DataShield.

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