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What’s Your Personal Data Worth on the Dark Web?

Recent data breaches involving health insurance giant Anthem Inc. and Community Health Systems, one of the nation’s leading operators of

Depositphotos_54065895_smallof general acute care hospitals that operates in 29 states, has patients on high alert their personal information may be compromised. So just what is the cost for thieves to obtain your personal data including banking information, personal health records and even your Facebook account details on the dark web?

A new report suggests thieves are willing to shell out $50 for health records on the black market. That’s per record. And that’s just scratching the surface.


3 Steps to Safe Guard Office Copier from Data Breach

3 Steps to Safe Guard Office Copier from Data Breach

Multi-function copy machines are essential to the success of any business—from making copies to scanning documents and even sending emails. But small business owners beware: office copy machines can also pose a security threat to staff or clients. “Sixty to 70 percent of leased digital copiers are remarketed,” Carmen Pitarra said. “In today’s data-driven world,Continue Reading

Resident Finds Confidential Documents in Apartment Dumpster

On March 12, residents of an Odessa, TX, apartment complex witnessed their worst fear: having their most private information exposed. Management of the apartment complex put their tenants at risk of identity theft by not taking secure measures to properly dispose of confidential documents. NewsWest 9 reported the following story: ODESSA, – A disturbing findContinue Reading

5 Common Tax Scams That Lead To Identity Theft

It’s tax season, and for many people, that means a nice, big refund check. For others, it means getting scammed. In 2013, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) initiated 1,492 identity theft related criminal investigations, an increase of 66 percent from 2012. Tax identity theft occurs when identity thieves use a legitimate taxpayer’s identity to fraudulentlyContinue Reading

Target Reveals 70 Million Affected By Security Breach, Offers Free Credit Protection

The massive Target data breach won’t be escaping people’s minds anytime soon. What began as a case of credit card hacking turned into much more when Target released that hackers have PIN numbers as well. The latest news shows that even more secure data may be exposed than initially expected. In a recent report onContinue Reading

Avoid Identity Fraud By Not Giving Out Too Much Information

These days, you can’t escape a retailer unscathed. Some places ask for your phone number at checkout, others want your email address. The really intrusive ones want your ZIP code. In all of these cases, a simple “no thanks” is necessary, or you could be a victim of identity fraud. According to the mobile marketingContinue Reading