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2016 National Association of Information Destruction Conference

Last week four members of the DataShield Team attended NAID’s annual conference in Orlando, FL. As AAA NAID Certified providers it is our job to keep up to date on everything that involves information security so you don’t have to. After attending many sessions and talking to colleagues from around the country and the globe there is no doubt that the world of information security is in a continual evolution. Data risks, increased regulation, mandatory fines and increasing enforcement continue to complicate the landscape. We were validated that our security practices and handling process of all material not only meets the standards set by NAID, but in many cases goes beyond the requirements. We gained tremendous insight into the healthcare ecosystem and the world of information governance that dictates the process for our healthcare clients. We were pleased to discover we are one of only 70 service providers in the country that carry the industry’s gold star Downstream Data Coverage which places full responsibility on the service provider should any damages be caused. The trends in the data destruction industry may change, but DataShield will remain a steadfast partner and advisor to all of our clients and prospective clients.

Denver Pharmacy PHI Dump Results in $125,000 Fine

Think your small businesses is immune to a HIPAA fine? Think again. A sall Denver pharmacy just got a large dose of reality—in the form of a $125,000 fine for throwing paper patient records in the dumpster. Officials learned of the data breach through a local news outlet regarding the disposal of unshredded documents containingContinue Reading

3 Steps to Safe Guard Office Copier from Data Breach

3 Steps to Safe Guard Office Copier from Data Breach

Multi-function copy machines are essential to the success of any business—from making copies to scanning documents and even sending emails. But small business owners beware: office copy machines can also pose a security threat to staff or clients. “Sixty to 70 percent of leased digital copiers are remarketed,” Carmen Pitarra said. “In today’s data-driven world,Continue Reading

Second Largest Health Insurer is Latest Victim to Cyber Attack

Forty million U.S. customers of Anthem Inc are on high alert of possible identity theft after the health insurer reported a massive cyber security breath. The company said the “very sophisticated attack” involved one of its IT systems and hackers stole former and current customers’ birthdays, social security numbers and contact and employment information includingContinue Reading