Top 3 Reasons to Recycle Electronics

Out with the old, in with the new. Upgrading technology is exciting and necessary. You spend hours researching and comparing prices but what happens to the electronics being replaced? We generally spend very little time contemplating how to get rid of what we no longer use. Although not nearly as exciting, properly recycling electronics and protecting your personal information should have the same importance as buying their replacements. Here are the top three reasons for coming up with a plan for unwanted electronics.

1. Security

In today’s world, a vast amount of personal information is stored on electronic devices. While you may think that dragging and dropping files into a virtual trash can is sufficient, it may leave you vulnerable. When you take your unwanted electronic devices to DataShield, we destroy each information bearing component before recycling – eliminating your information for good – forever.

2. Convenience

Whether you’re replacing one device or one hundred, make sure you call a trusted information destruction company to ensure regulatory compliance and information security. DataShield offers convenient pick-up or drop-off options and we can even shred on-site. We’ll destroy your data and properly recycle what’s left so the only thing left to do is enjoy your upgraded technology.

3. Environment

Computers and nearly all other electronic devices contain hazardous chemicals and materials such as lead, lead solder, plastic, copper, chromium, beryllium, cadmium, barium, nickel, zinc, and sometimes even mercury. Neglecting to properly dispose of these materials is dangerous for the environment and your company’s reputation. Failing to recycle electronics can cost you millions. In 2011, Target paid California $22.5 million for improperly dumping hazardous waste. DataShield properly disposes of these hazardous materials and recycles the rest according to the strict guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

For guaranteed security, convenience, and environmental safety, call DataShield today.

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